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Solution Tech HR


Solutiontechhr  Committed to empower the world of business, we provide skilled and qualified resources for wide range of roles and functions across industry verticals. Hiring right people for your organisation is one of the most challenging tasks, and partnering with us will help you save time, cost on recruitment infrastructure and above all our industry proven selection methodology secure you from wrong hires.

We have a great team to help in  panel with their knowledge and experience in TECHNICAL industry

We at Solution Tech HR are building a Hiring platform for  Hiring people at Senior Level in startups and very aggressively growing companies.

For every profile we require in depth understanding of the role not just the JD which i like Cultural Fit, IC role or generalized role, tech in which you want to hire.


What Makes Us Unique


 We are an expert team of highly networked recruiters and consultants, with years of experience and in depth knowledge of major industry verticals. Often Companies approach us when they are unable to find right match to fill challenging positions for niche skills and roles through existing partners.

Our challenge hungry team has helped us achieve and maintain success rate of over 95% for niche level and executive positions, which is highest in recruitment industry.

We work towards delivering the right person for your vacancy on time and with the minimum disruption to your business.

  •  Our mission is to empower every youngster to make right career decisions.

  •  This mission is ambitious and focuses mainly on what job seekers really want.

  •  We have the unique ability to blend to the needs of job seekers and job providers .

  •  We deeply care about people and making a difference in their lives.

  •  We don’t just give jobs, we shape careers.

Our Team
Anup Kumar, Co-Founder

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Graduated from NIT Kurukshetra (Computer Engineering) and holding rich experience in different StartUp companies.


I have dynamic experience in developing referral hiring project  and great  Experience /knowledge of recruiting and hiring processes including interviewing, reference checking, tracking, salary negotiations.

Samiksha Yadav, Head of Human Resources 
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I am qualified ,Having 6+ years experience as recruitment specialist .Working on both external and internal hiring efforts (internal recruitment meaning assessment of employees for different or more senior roles.)
Developing recruitment strategy including job posting optimisation, recruiting marketing channel development, job board procurement, digital and non-digital employment marketing, comprehensive recruitment campaign planning, talent planning, etc.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Paritosh Shukla , Advisor

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18+ years of diverse experience in different aspects of business like Human Resources , General Management , Strategy , Sales &Marketing 

Specialties: Human Resources 

Performance Management, Talent Acquisition, Capability Building, Employee Engagement and Communication, Assessment Centers, Training and Development 

Swati Gaur  | Talent Acquisition Manager
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I am qualified . Having 5+ years experience in Recruitment, HR Generalist ,HR Operation,TrainingHandled Recruitment for Sr. Profiles,Employee Engagement,Payroll , Employee Relation/Retain, Negotiating Skills, Personal Network

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